Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Mr. Chip Tsao Wrote that Article

I just read the article written by a certain Mr. Chip Tsao where he slammed Filipinos for our stand on the South China Sea issue (, even ridiculing the Philippines by publicly admitting his racist but ignorant act of bigotry on his Filipina domestic helper.

I do not know if Mr. Tsao is on the brink of turning this into a Filipinos vs. Chinese conflict, but before that happens, I would like to caution our countrymen to not fall into this trap. It’s not really about the Filipinos vs. the Chinese.

It’s about the Filipinos vs. Mr. Chip Tsao. Let's make it personal.

But still, I would still give Mr. Tsao the benefit of the doubt. Being the patient and understanding man that I am, I am trying to see things from where Mr. Tsao is coming from. I am trying to rationalize why he wrote those things and why he has that point of view. 

I have come to some theories why I think he wrote that article. If you have any other explanation in mind, please try to add through your comments. 

My theories are:

1. His mother fed him milk which had melamine, produced from their country’s factories that have very low quality control standards.

2. As a child, he chewed on his lead-paint-coated toys also produced from their low-quality factories.

3. As he grew up, he always had siopao which were filled with imitation meat made of cardboard.

4. He was supposed to be aborted by the State, but somehow, the abortion tool only managed to tear off half his brain and he survived.

5. He had psychological trauma because he wanted so bad to join the Chinese Olympic Gymnastics team but he was rejected by the State because he couldn’t tell which was right and left (owing to having only half a brain)

6. He harbors ill feelings towards Filipinos who are given worldwide recognition for being good English communicators while he, even though being educated in a British colony, is still asked to repeat over and over again what he is saying because of the heavy Chinese accent in his English. So, he tries to prove his worth by writing.

7. He has an insatiable lust for Filipinas but he keeps getting turned down because of his revolting facial features, incurable halitosis and extremely small penis. 

8. He is trying to gain attention because as a child and even up to his teenage days, he was so insignificant that nobody noticed his existence.

9. His own country ignores him, so he takes a shot at the Filipinos in the hope that we would react to him, finally gaining recognition for his pathetic existence on Earth.

10. He was bullied when he was a kid and always pissed and shit in his pants out of fear but never had the chance or even the courage to fight back. So he picks a fight with his own employee, or people who live overseas, confident that he will not get a fist in the eye for doing so. 


kidfromsingapore said...

that hongkie prick is merely compensating for his tragic english accent (fake british), very questionable hygeine, poorly developed sense of social tolerance, highly controlled mentality by the government, and unabated lust for his overly abused maid.

Nika said...

This is quite a refreshing read after that thrashy article in that hk magazine. :)

andiboi said...

here's one to ponder :-)...

LoloJoeMoe said...

Are you running for president? Coz if you are...