Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ruffy Biazon Thanks Iglesia ni Cristo

It is with humility and honor that I thank the Iglesia ni Cristo for including me in their list of endorsed candidates for the 2010 National and Local Elections. The endorsement, which I view as a gesture of trust and confidence by the INC, will surely help boost my candidacy and bring electoral victory closer to reality.

While an endorsement by the INC is usually seen as a valuable means to gain more support from the electorate, it is actually a vestment of a responsibility to serve this country in the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. It is not a mere tool to get more votes, but it is a challenge to perform one’s duty as a public official not only with efficiency but also with compassion especially to the less privileged.

Because of this endorsement by the INC, I have a sense of obligation to do my duty not only to those who endorsed me, but to all the Filipino people if I am elected into office. The Oath of Office I will take will be a commitment to my countrymen and God, especially because the mandate from the People is a mandate from God.

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