Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New AFP Chief of Staff Should Serve Only Up to the End of PGMA's Term

The primary role of the new AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Delfin Bangit is to ensure the orderliness and credibility of the 2010 elections. It is therefore his supreme obligation to alleviate fears about his partisanship in favor of the present administration. Or any of the other aspirants.

He should condition himself that he will only serve for the remainder of the term of the one who appointed him because after all, the next president will have the authority and prerogative to replace him.

In fact, he would gain the trust, confidence and respect of all sectors if he makes a declaration now that he will only serve until the end of President Arroyo’s term and voluntarily relinquish his post on June 30, 2010.

Such a move will ensure he would have no motivation to pander to any of the presidential candidates. For the same reason that I had previously suggested that Gen. Victor Ibrado be extended up to the end of President Arroyo’s term, so too, will Gen. Bangit’s relinquishing the post at the end of PGMA’s term give the new president the courtesy of not having to remove him and appoint a new Chief of Staff.

He should consider the conduct of a clean, honest, orderly and peaceful elections and a smooth transition of power as the ultimate accomplishment he could have in his entire career as a military officer. He would be redeemed from the Hello Garci issue and suspicions of being an administration puppet.

So if he does a commendable job in this election, there really wouldn't be any need for him to serve under another president. By such an accomplishment, he would give his person, his position and the AFP as an institution a reason to receive the appreciation of a grateful nation.

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We are Filipinos residing in U.K. said...

We are Filipinos working here in U.K. . We support what you are doing. Definitely last minute appointments are not democractic process.Keep up the good work and wish that you will win in the next election.