Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NP Candidate Has Been Immersed Too Much in Showbiz, He’s Resorting to Sowing Intrigue Rather than Dealing With Real Issues

One of Nacionalista Party’s candidates, a lawyer, has been immersed too much in show business that he’s taken the role of “intrigero” by taking potshots at the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino whom he accuses as being plagued by the “virus of distrust” based on rumors that Aquino centralized the management of his campaign funds and designated his sisters to handle it (read it here).

Apparently lacking substantial issues to discuss, the lawyer is using the issue to portray Aquino as someone incapable of managing the country. The matter of how a candidate manages his campaign finances is not really one that should be of consequence with regard to capability to run the country. Any politician knows that campaign finance management are purely a candidate’s discretion especially that a candidate has to make sure that every centavo that he gathers for his campaign goes to the right expenditure.

The handling of such funds require the highest level of trust, especially at a time when opportunists, swindlers and other characters hover around candidates hoping to get a piece of the campaign fund pie. Who the candidates trust in handling their finances during their campaigns should not be a point of concern. Management skills cannot be judged just on the basis of how a candidate handles his campaign funds.

It’s a pity that a Harvard educated lawyer running for the Senate chose to assume the role of “intrigero” instead of taking on issues of greater national concern such as the postponement of the peace process in Mindanao. We can only guess how his fellow Muslims and Mindanaoans think about choice of issues to discuss.

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