Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oppose Marriage Contract Expiration

A party list group participating in the 2010 elections proposed the establishment of an expiration for marriage contracts.

The proposed marriage contract expiration should be opposed because it will endanger the integrity of the ties that bind Philippine Society. The Filipino Family is acknowledged as the basic unit of society and it cannot be denied that marriage is the foundation of most Filipino Families.

Marriage and families cannot be treated separately and impose policies on one and not consider the other. The Philippine Constitution guarantees the protection of the family's integrity and states that marriage is an inviolable social institution. The non-expiring marriage contract is not a violation of any human right because entering into a marriage is an option where those engaging in it are well aware of the terms.

To give marriage an expiration is also to give families an expiration. It will be dangerous to open Philippine Society to the mindset that marriages and families have a predetermined end. While proponents may argue that the contract is renewable, the fact that when you enter into marriage you already know it will expire at a certain date, it already affects the way society will look at marital unions.

And how will we treat the offspring produced by marriages? What will happen to the legal status of children produced by marriages if they expire? It will be as if we have predetermined the legal existence of children even before they are born.

While I will fight for the rights of women, I put more premium in protecting the integrity of the Filipino Family. I will oppose marriage contract expiration.


elmot said...

Thanks for commenting on my post Cong. Ruffy about the issue on the bus ticket. I really appreciate it.

Maybe I can do an interview with you one of these days and post it on my blog, in order for the voting public to also have the opportunity of knowing more about their politicians and their platform? Hope you could permit me with this blog project.



Ruffy Biazon said...

It will be a pleasure! You may email me directly at congressman@ruffybiazon.ph or congruff@skybroadband.com.ph



We are Filipinos residing in U.K. said...

Congressman Biazon,your opposing the bill proposed by some partylist members for Marriage Contract Expiration is very commendable.

Surely, those that proposed the bill have no idea how it will affect our society and culture.Breaking a family by way of marriage contract expiration is also breaking our society.

Just like Elmot,we want more Filipinos here in U.K. to know more about you. Is if possible for us to arrange with you and Pinoy Radio commentator for an interview?

Best Regards

Ms. Fairbank
RuffyBiazon 4 Senator Movement_UK