Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Political Vendetta Suspected in Decision to Oust Bulacan Governor

The Comelec decision to remove Bulacan Governor Mendoza five months before elections and a few weeks after he left Lakas and joined the Liberal Party smells like political vendetta.

The administration is now struggling to to rein in it's members and prevent and exodus to other parties and it will do anything to keep it's members at bay within the party.

The threat of sudden resolutions of election cases, as well as administrative and criminal cases of elected officials who are members of Lakas is the Sword of Damocles that the administration has over their members.

The case of Gov. Jonjon Mendoza may be seen both as a punishment to him for leaving Lakas and a warning to others who may be planning or contemplating a move out of the administration party.

But in the end, the practice may result in Lakas only being left with members of who have pending electoral. administrative or criminal cases.

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