Monday, May 18, 2009

Anti-Cervical Cancer Advocacy

About two years ago, I joined the advocacy against the spread of cervical cancer in the Philippines.

The Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP) of the UP-PGH Cancer Institute, led the efforts to save the Filipina women from the life-threatening disease and invited me to join their nationwide campaign and programs.

My district became one of the pilot areas for their programs, which I supported 100% with funding, moral support and even my time and energy by going with them to various municipalities and cities around the country to share the experience in my district and explain how government officials can join the advocacy and programs.

Last year I also joined the Tour of Hope in northern Luzon as one of the speakers in their symposium at the stops of their bike run from Vigan to Subic.

This year the Tour of Hope will be in Southern Luzon, starting from my district in Muntinlupa City all the way to Naga City in Camarines Sur.

In recognition of my participation in the program these past couple of years, I was hailed as an Honorary Woman by the CECAP Network and the SM Women's Committee.

This poster, produced by CECAP and GSK, declares the Muntinlupa City's full participation in the program, with not just my office as congressman but also the city government led by Mayor Aldrin San PEdro.

Shown in the poster are my wife Trina (center), the mayor's wife Leah (right) and the chair of the Health Committee in the City Council, Coun. Amy Patdu-Labios (left). Together, they lead the grassroots implementation of the program and make sure that Muntinlupa's women have accessible service to protect them against the number 2 killer cancer among FIlipino women.

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