Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Quiet Christmas

Speaker of the House of Representatives Prospero Nograles called for a ceasefire on the Charter Change debate. It is a call worthy of support, and one which I am sure will be appreciated by the people.

In fact, I would even go further. I call for a ceasefire not just on the Charter Change debate, but a ceasefire on all political bickering and campaigns, a ceasefire on scandals and controversies, a ceasefire on military operations and rebel attacks. Let the guns fall silent, and stop the tongues from wagging.

In other words, this Christmas, which is supposed to be a season of Love, Hope and giving, the people should be given a respite from all the negativity that has dominated their daily lives throughout the past year and years before.

I think the people deserve this break in order to make their lives a little bit more bearable in the face of the so many challenges and difficulties that they face not only as a people but even as individuals.

It is only during Christmas that we are entitled to temporarily set aside the troubles of our lives and enjoy the spirit of cheer, togetherness and family brought about by the Season of Joy. Of course, most importantly, the Yuletide Season is a time when we are called upon to recall the Reason for the Season, which is the birth of the One who brought a message of love and forgiveness.

Wouldn’t Christmas be more enjoyable if we didn’t go to the dawn mass just to see the headlines in the newspaper being sold in front of the church screaming all kinds of negative news? Wouldn’t it be nice to have quality time with the family watching a nice movie at home instead of being bombarded by depressing stories in the evening news on TV?

Wouldn’t it be better if during this Christmas, we are all engrossed by the Nativity instead of negativity?

This is not to say that I am calling for the people to forgive and forget. One of the messages of the Savior aside from Love and Hope is Justice. Definitely, simply forgetting is not consistent with Justice.

I just think that a Christmas ceasefire is something that we can afford and it should not affect the pursuit for righteousness and justice. After the Christmas season, the hostilities may resume.

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas..just like the ones I used to know...

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