Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Words are not enough to express the condemnation that the bombing of the House of Representatives deserves. With one member of the House killed, two more congresspersons wounded, one congressional staff killed and several injured, this despicable act of treachery is not only an attack on these citizens but an attack against the Filipino People.

The House of Representatives being the People’s House, no matter what personal motive the bomber had, the fact is that his action was a desecration of an institution of democracy, where the people’s aspirations, desires, convictions and principles are espoused and advocated, not by the language of violence and force but with the wisdom and passion of words.

The silencing of a member of the House of Representatives is a deprivation of his constituents a voice in Congress. The injury of innocent Congressional employees, all doing their part in serving the People, is an affront to those who have made serving the public not just a career but almost a vocation.

In the wake of this attack, the Filipino People should be one in condemning this. With no political, socio-economic, religious or ideological boundaries separating us, we must be in unison in standing against this heinous act.

It is therefore of utmost importance that the authorities do its best in investigating this incident in order for the culprits to be pinpointed and brought to justice. The investigators should not be careless and should look into all angles, validating and testing each angle until they are eliminated one by one through a scientific, logical and forensic method and not by mere opinion.

This early, investigators seem to be stressing the theory that the bombing might be an attack directed at a particular person. While there may be some reason to consider that theory, the investigation should start at a wider perspective in order not to miss any other possible reason for the bombing which may be supported by evidence.

Let not the incomplete investigation into the Glorietta 2 bombing be repeated in this case. Last October, PNP Chief Gen. Avelino Razon, citing intelligence reports, gave a warning that after the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, terrorists were planning attacks both in the provinces and Metro Manila. One week later, the Glorietta 2 explosion occurred and in spite of the PNP Crime Lab’s findings of RDX, a substance which comprises C-4, they simply dropped the angle and aggressively pursued the accident theory.

I share in the grief of those who perished in this tragedy in Batasan and join others in offering prayers for the souls of those whose lives were snuffed out and the speedy recovery of the injured. Instead of cowering in fear, we should stand up in outrage and vigorously pursue the culprits and bring them before the bar of justice.

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