Monday, August 28, 2006

Manic Monday...Not!

Some people dread Mondays because it is the start of the work week. For many, it is usually the start of their busy work-week schedule, a day that is plagued by the weekend hangover. But there's work, work, work to be done...

It's 4:00 PM and I am in my office. I just turned on the monitor which gives me the real-time goings on in the session hall downstairs. The National Anthem has just been played. A member of COngress delivers her carefully prepared prayer, an appeal to the Almighty for wisdom in the performance of our duties.

Then the majority floor leader moves to dispense with the Calling of the Roll. A motion to approve the journal of the previous objections, motion is carried..then a motion to read the Reference of Business for the Day. The Secretary General reads the list of bills and resolutions which are then referred to the appropriate committee.

After the reference of business, the Majority FLoor leader moves to suspend the session. Session suspended. It is now 4:10 PM , and all I can hear over the monitor are some light banter and someone laughing his heart out at some joke that somebody probably cracked.

Another busy day at the office....




I just read your posts in Ellen's blog and wish to thank you.

I posted a follow on comment in her blog.

ellen said...

I made a separate post of the replies that you made to my blog visitors. You've won them over.