Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Starting at 37

Today I start my blog. Why today? Well, for one thing, now is the only time that I got myself to actually sit down and type, although I've been wanting to join the blog community for quite some time now. My busy schedule just got in the way. ...nope, to be honest about it, it's just procastination. Some wise person came up with a very good saying---"You only have time for things that you really want to do".

We often say that we want to do, or even need to do things (such as exercise) but because of busy schedules, we are unable to. But somehow, we have time to wake up late and lie around in bed till mid-morning, watch television for hours on end, or stroll in the mall. But the hard reality is that we can make time for things that we really want to do. If we don't put it in our schedules, then it only means we don't have it in our priority list.

Anyway, another good reason for me to start this is that I just had my birthday yesterday. One good practice to start something is to attach significance to it. Much like the new year's resolutions that people make at the start of the year. Many wait one full year to make a resolution, but the fact is that we can resolve to change or initiate something anytime of the year.

For me, my birthday is a good reason to start my blog. I've been on this earth for 37 years now. Another year has passed, subtracting from the time allocated to me by God to be significant on earth. Looking back to those 37 years, have I really been significant?

I guess so. I married the woman I love, I fathered three wonderful sons with a fourth due in a several months, and am able to provide for their needs. I believe that is the most significant thing that anyone is expected to do during his life on earth. Rear a family and provide for them. All else is just an option.

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mdiadem said...

Belated happy birthday, congressman! And you are now 37! Wow! That old? Hahaha!

It's wonderful reading your achievements as a father, a husband, and a citizen of your country. How successful you have become! Congratulations!

I've just started reading anything about Philippines again...I now live abroad , been away for 10 yrs and know nothing about the goings-on. I think starting reading your blog to refresh me with events would be best.

Keep writing and educating us!